Thursday, February 22, 2001

As my computer quietly loads, I impatiently wait. I might as well get this out, I have a very chaotic life. I like it most of the times because it fits my personality. Yet, how I acquire time to do these kinds of things in such a small space and with such little effort is beyond me. Magic I guess. Waiting.............loading.........anyway, have you ever wondered what it's like to just leave the world mentally (without E you ravers)? I'm sure you've all done it. It's that moment when the world around you focuses out and a new world of ideas come in focus. It's when you're dreaming and wondering in a minute but it feels so long. It's when your mom has to clap her hands to get you back on earth. I'm always in that feeling lately. But I consider myself to be immersed. I become immersed in a good book, a strong quote, a favorite song. Maybe I'm too young to reminisce but this freedom of mind sets no boundries for both me and you reader. Ah yes, computer has finished loading. Goodbye my friend. When the clouds break, we'll meet again.